Christmas Lights

23 Mar

I love the latest Thuy Lu photo shoot for Brown Girl Magazine, featuring the beautiful Priyanka Patel.

Makes me want to wrap Christmas lights around myself and beg someone to take my picture. My mom has a story she loves to tell around Christmas time (and anytime I’m not doing something she wants me to, actually):

My older brother was a patient, obliging child. Typical for first borns, I think. My mom would ask him to wrap Christmas lights back around the plastic trays they came in at the end of the season. He would also count pennies and put them in those paper tubes to get cash back from the bank. I think this was before Coinstar. I’m still not sure why my mom had so many pennies laying around.

I maybe did each of these things once in my life. Subsequent requests met with my refusal and avoidance. I think the moral of the story is that my laziness and insolence was evident from an early age, and that I am the least favored child.

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