Clear eyes, full heart, can’t lose

12 Feb

My high school journalism advisor loved sports writing and recommended the book Friday Night Lights to me back then. I hated sports but the story of football’s importance in a small Texas town and the saga of the player’s lives touched me.  It helped me understand how powerful writing could be, no matter the subject.

I never saw the movie based on the book but noticed the television show was available on Netflix Instant recently.  Though the television show has marked differences from the book, the first season is one of the best I have ever seen. I fell in love with the characters, the dialogue is perfect, and I even found myself watching the game scenes with interest.  Good writing and acting can break preconceived notions about sports and competition.

The first season finale shows the team celebrating winning the state championship while the Daniel Johnston song “Devil Town” covered by Bright Eyes plays. The score and songs used for the show are all fantastic, but the song choice in this scene is brilliant. (note: the video below is a collection of scenes from several seasons)

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