Women murdered in small town

3 Jan

I’ve written about the Juarez muders here before and reading this story about eight women in a small town being murdered in the last few years brought up the same issues of class, race, and corruption.

Jennings, LA, off a major highway, has long been a magnet for prostitution and drugs.  All the women involved in the murders appear to have been involved in one of the two.  Residents fear the police may know more than they’re letting on and that a serial killer is responsible. From the article:

“Over time, dissatisfaction has turned to outright suspicion that the local police are involved in or are covering up the deaths. In a small town like Jennings, where law enforcement officers, victims and criminals are often related by blood and friendship, the police’s failings inevitably take on an ominous cast.”

A private detective has been hired by some of the victim’s families to speed up the investigation but the case is far from solved. 

This case reeks of a “good old boy” mentality in a small town: the police may know who is responsible, they may even have ties to the killer or killers and because the women may be drug addicts or prostitutes, their lives are seen as expendable. 

This is the first I’ve heard of the case; I hope the high profile story will bring more information to light. 

Photo: NY Times

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