I haven’t walked this much in seven years

5 Jul

That’s what my brother said to me after a busy Fourth of July.  Ruby considers walking good exercise! (I think Ruby is fantastic and will post about her in the future.)

We started the day at Boston Common. We attempted to walk the Freedom Trail but someone got bored.  There were lots of people enjoying the finally-not-rainy weather including an adorable toddler running everywhere.  We watched him for a while, while my brother kept commenting that all the similar aged Indian children were calmly walking, holding on to their parent’s hand.  Ha!

IMG_4071We headed to Faneuil Hall next, browsing the shops and watching street performers.  I didn’t think any of them were all that great and the crowds prevented short me from really seeing any action.


I did enjoy the action near the harbor, where some Republican/Libertarian/Crazytown protest was going on. I thought Ron Paul was speaking at one point, but it was just some mustachioed man complaining about being blacklisted and taxes.

IMG_4076IMG_4079Ayn Rand? Come on. Some people obviously haven’t moved on from freshman year dorm room debates.

We watched the fireworks over the Charles River and made a mad dash to the T afterwards, along with thousands of other spectators.  I hope next year’s 4th will be as entertaining.

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