Art for art’s sake

8 Jun

I visited my cousin’s workplace this weekend and it was seriously the nicest traditional office building I’ve ever been in.  The design is modern and high-quality, the layout is open, and unique art pieces are everywhere.  And it’s a private insurance company! I’ve had several internships in Fortune 500 companies and never seen anything nearly as nice, even on special corporate retreats. My favorite pieces, below:

This statue was in front of the building

This statue was in front of the main building.  What a beautiful structure to be greeted by every morning!

This piece was dedicated to US military personnel.  Medals hang from the sides and the center glass display is of a battlefield.


One of my favorites paintings in the whole place: it’s meant to illustrate race relations in cities.  I love that the art is not just visually appealing, but also about tough subjects that inspire thought and debate.


Art was literally everywhere in these buildings: on all the walls, in every free corner.  It honored the state’s history and tackled all different subjects.   It showed me that traditional workplaces don’t have to stifle creativity.  And now I want to find a employer who fosters such a creative culture.

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