Lost in Translation

22 May


Photo: LA Times

Photo: LA Times

I rewatched Lost in Translation last night and fell in love with the movie all over again.  But my perspective has changed since the movie first came out.

Scarlett Johannsen’s character, Charlotte, is a recent college graduate unsure about her future.  Sounds like me and everyone I know.  To lose yourself in a foreign city where your confusion, apprehension, and fear has a physical outlet sounds so appealing right now.  

My new favorite scene in the film (which I can’t find on youtube) is the “fight” between Charlotte and Bob which takes place at a cook-your-own-food restaurant.  The couple, who share a deep connection, snipe  at each other because they can’t express their true feelings. I’ve so been there, and their make-up scene (Charlotte’s opening line: “That was a horrible lunch”) was one of the truest forgiveness sequences I’ve ever seen dramatized.

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